Our People


“As a final-year accountancy undergraduate in Nanyang Technological University, I was looking out for a career which was different from the conventional route to join one of the Big Four accounting firms. The audit findings flagged by AGO auditors piqued my interest and the role of a government auditor appeared to be a meaningful role in which my skills and training could be put to impactful use for a wider public purpose.”- Sim Sze Xiong, Deputy Director



“My work in AGO has been both challenging and fulfilling. In my 4.5 years here, I have been exposed to both external auditing and policy work. I was also part of the team that helped to implement the Quality Assurance Framework in AGO. The patient coaching, guidance and encouragement that I received from my bosses and colleagues have also helped me to grow. Seeing my colleagues’ dedication and commitment to serving the nation has inspired and motivated me to emulate their professionalism as national auditors.”- Sabrina Fok, Deputy Director



“The opportunity to audit government ministries and agencies which are key establishments in Singapore allows me, being a Singaporean, to do something for my nation using what I have been trained in. Today, auditing takes on a new meaning and purpose for me. It is no longer business as usual but unusual business – auditing with a mission: to see that public funds are well spent and accounted for.” - Chen Sze Leng,  Audit Director



“Although bonded, I was given a choice of government agency to serve in. I was impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of AGO officers in their work during my internship. The AGO is supportive of staff upgrading. It sponsors officers to take examinations leading to professional certifications such as chartered financial analyst (CFA), certified internal auditor and certified information system auditor.”- Mabel Watt, Assistant Auditor-General

* Mabel Watt shared her view of her career with AGO in Balancing Act, an editorial write-up in Straits Times Careers in the Public Sector.